How to Pack Fragile Stuff

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Packing fragile stuff is a time-consuming and kind of frustrating task that you need to do when moving. Because you will likely own a bunch of chinaware, photo frames and large mirrors, you will have to take your time to do this chore to ensure that your belongings won’t get damaged or broken during your move. After all, a lot of those things are very expensive.

Although this can be a little annoying at times, especially if you have kids or pets that often run around the house, packing your fragile stuff carefully and thoughtfully will ensure that your things will survive your move. Thus, you need to learn how to do this properly.

Packing Fragile Items

Here are some tips on how to pack fragile items, as well as antiques. Make sure that you take your time in doing this as this will keep your valuables in good shape during and after your move.

  • Use Heavy Duty Boxes

Whenever you need to pack picture frames, canvasses, mirrors and other large breakable items, make sure that you are only using heavy duty boxes. Because these boxes can keep their shape, they can protect your valuables inside. But, never forget to layer all sides of your items with bubble wrap, blankets or unprinted newsprints to make sure that they are cushioned, which will prevent them from breaking or cracking, especially large mirrors and picture frames with glass.

  • Pack Your Items Individually

Even though you are putting multiple items in a single box, make sure that you pack or wrap each item individually. Even the small ones such as small mirrors, picture frames and ornaments should be wrapped in plain paper or bubble wrap to ensure that they do not get damaged during transit.

  • Mark the Boxes Properly

Make sure that you mark each box properly so that San Diego movers will be able to know which boxes have breakable contents. Coastal Moving, a moving company from San Diego, advises people to make the marks large and bold so that movers can see them easily. They also advise people to never stack boxes of breakable items so that they won’t get crushed by the heavy boxes on top of them.

San Diego movers also advise people to load the boxes, which contain fragile items, last. This will enable them to put all the boxes with fragile items on top of the boxes that contain pieces that do not easily get damaged.

When packing fragile items, make sure that you have enough padding sheets for your items so that everything will be covered properly. This will ensure that your items are covered all over, including the sides and the corners, which will prevent them from getting any scratches, dents and cracks during transit.

Also, make sure that you supervise the loading of boxes of the movers onto the truck so that you can tell which boxes contain items that are quite fragile and which ones can be stacked if there are no more room on top of your stuff to place your ‘fragile’ boxes.


Moving Companies to Have or Not Have

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Like any other company a moving company must be examined and researched as well. The research you will do will primarily be based on your personal requirements.

Moving companies can work well for the single woman, a large household or someone who just doesn’t have it them to take on this challenge on their own.

What should you expect you moving company to have?

First and foremost your moving company should be bonded, licensed and insured against all moving related responsibilities. This site talks more about the regulatory agencies you can resource prior to hiring a mover.

This will protect you in the event of any sort of accident,from one the road incidents to clumsy issues. You also have the right to expect courteous behavior from your movers. This includes respect for your property and yourself.
Moving companies local or otherwise should have a clue as to where they are going. In the event the location of pickup or dropping off of your property is not familiar, then you need to be equipped to give specific directions. Point out landmarks, color of your house and even the color and number of the house next to you. If there are tricky turns or problem driveways, advise the company. It is as important that you assist as best you can to make the move go smoother.

How else can you assist in your move?

Cooperation in general is always a good thing. Be sure when the moving company arrives to the home you are leaving, be ready. Have your property properly packed. This includes wrapping delicate items so that they can stand the test of a move. Have your boxes sealed and marked. The marking should include whether or not the box contains fragile objects, what room you want the boxes in. Do not over pack a box. While moving personnel are generally strong and able bodied people. They are human.

Moving is difficult in general. Moving companies supplythe man power to shorten the job,
In some cases with larger companies you can even have packing services. This can be a costly undertaking if you’re not prepared for such an expense. Not a big expensive are packing accessories offered by moving companies, they can make everyone’s life easy.

Over all moving companies can be a stress reliever during a stressful event such as moving. Consider this aspect for your next move, you may find that you will be happy you did.


Moving Companies, Are They for You

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Moving companies can vary in services and cost. Large ones can be unreliable with the delivery and pick up dates. There are actually rational reasons for this. If you are moving cross country, moving trucks will pack in more than just your items. The items are generally packed first to last, but accidents can occur so instead of being the first drop off you may end up somehow be the last.

Traditionally however, moving companies are logistical miracles. From the moment you hire them, you are in a system that can and often do provide you the best services possible.

Across Country Moves

I find these to be the most awe inspiring moves from a moving company. They have exact count of your belongings, use GPS to locate you and your items get to you in complete shipment and in the same condition you left them in.

References are still necessary

No matter how large the long distance company may be, you may still have problems. So check the consumer affairs website for complaints and from there try and determine if they are real problems, or are complaints from a person who make their entire life complaining.


A Moving Company Experience

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Tired of moving and having friends tired of moving me. I found myself in the position of looking for moving alternatives. My immediate thoughts turned to a moving company.

Armed with the ever trusty phone book and the internet, I searched for a local company who met my liability requirements and budget. After speaking to one I went to visit their company. The first thing I encountered was the amount of moving accessories they had to offer. I shopped for boxes, tapes and markers as if it were a trip to a dept. store. The choices were astounding. Armed with questions I began my second half of my visit.


Needing to know what I was paying for exactly, I was able to find they were bonded and fully licensed. I found that they were knowledgeable in my locations, both where I was moving from and moving to. Using their computer we together looked for complaints that former customers may have had. I was able to get a pricing by the amount of boxes and furniture I would have and an approximate cost by the hour. Satisfied with their knowledge and answers and of course my shopping goodies, I thought of one more way to check.


I went home and took the phone in hand and began making phone calls to people who may have used moving companies. I wanted to know of the pitfalls especially with the company I was considering. Friends checked with other friends until I had enough positive experiences with my chosen company.
Following all the recommendations in moving preparations, my movers were happy to arrive to my home and find boxes packed and marked as they suggested.
All in all the move was flawless. The unpacking was reasonable and I was a happy customer.


Happiness in Hiring a Moving Company

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Traditionally, those moving a good distance will hire a moving company to make the move. Why not hire someone to do it locally as well.

Moving is a time consuming, back breaking and exhaustive task. On your own you can be clumsy and break the merchandise you own. Truck rentals make things a little more convenient, then again there is getting the truck, driving the truck, packing and unpacking the truck and then you must return the truck and pay for the gas usage. Not very easy after all.

Why not make an investment in having someone to do it all for you. Generally one saves moving for the weekend. Once Monday morning comes around you can find yourself completely exhausted for the weekly office dash. There is also the problem with coming up with friends who will volunteer to help you work this hard. Save yourself all this problem and hire someone to do half of the work for you.

If you do the math, you will find that the cost of truck rentals, the hard work and imposing on your friends will come out to be the same price, in more ways than one.

Moving Company Pricing.

So you have decided to use a moving company. Now you have to select one. The telephone can now be your best friend. Call and check out the prices before jumping on the first company you find. Have prepared before inquiring most of the following:

What is the distance between the 2 locations?
How many containers or boxes do you actually have to move?
Be sure all of the items you have are in 1 location.
Are your movers bonded and insured?
Do you necessarily need a major moving company as opposed to a company that specializes in local relocations?

For your own sake, make sure you have your boxes marked by room, sensitivity and contents. With this being done it will become a question of the movers placing the right boxes in the right room and handling your fragile items accordingly. Another thing to try and have under control for the movers would be having your items properly packed. Don’t assume it is their job to handle properly items that are in garbage bags or unsealed boxes. Items not packed properly may cost you extra money. If for some reason you must have items not properly packed. Make sure someone is available to take these objects in an automobile.

Your final decision on moving companies

While you may find that the moving company is bonded, licensed, insured and pricing in the vicinity of your budget. What about the reputation. This is as important as the rest. A company such as Movers San Diego, meet the liability requirements and have a sterling reputation for service as well. If San Diego isn’t local enough for you, check with your consumer affairs dept. and the Better Business Bureau to find if any complaints exist on any of the movers you may have decided on. It is also wise to talk to people, find out if anyone you know or they may know has any experience with a local moving company. Sometimes word of mouth can be the best form of advertisement.
Weigh your needs against your budget and find out if in the long run a moving company may work best for you. If you’re ready to make things easier on yourself, then a moving company may be the answer that is custom made for you. With just a couple of hours of research, you can save yourself an entire weekend.